100 gram = 400 meter Aanbevolen naalddikte: 2,0 tot 3,0 mm Stekenverhouding: 28 steken = 10 cm Kleurverloop in 7 ballen verdeeld. De eerste en de laatste bal zijn effen, de tussenliggende ballen verlopen in kleur. Gesponnen van traceerbaar verantwoorde merinowol uit Patagonië Handwas, deze wol is niet superwash behandeld!
Brei dit garen zoals het is achter elkaar, of combineer het met een ander (effen) garen. Patroonsuggesties vind je hier In de winkel kun je Batad van Stephen West bewonderen, een asymmetrische colsjaal die gebreid is van 1 streng Rosy Green Wool Cheeky Merino Joy en 1 set Zauberperlen. In ons voorbeeld hebben we 2 kleurherhalingen minder gebreid. [caption id="attachment_37675" align="alignleft" width="250"]Batad - Stephen West Batad - Stephen West[/caption]  
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HIberknitting 2
Hiberknitting 2 – Stephen West
Let op: dit boek is pas begin februari 2022 binnen!
Winter welcomes cozy dark days when the temperature drops and the light fades away. These deep winter months invite hours of Hiberknitting with a hot drink and colourful sweaters and blankets to stay warm. Hiberknitting Volume 2 from Stephen West is a collection of seven new patterns for DK and Worsted weight yarn. Two shawls - the designs for Stephen's 2021 Hiberknitalong KAL, along with two hats, a sweater, a cowl, and a blanket make up this cozy collection. West has again collaborated with German visual artist Stefan Gunnesch to reimagine the knitwear of Hiberknitting in mixed-media collage, opening the book with a gallery of multi-dimensional images that give Westknits fans a peep into Stephen's knitted fantasy. Patterns in the Hiberknitting Volume 2 collection:
  • Cabled Trellis Shawl
  • Cabled Trellis Cowl
  • Cabled Trellis Hat
  • Spiraling Cables Triangle
  • Fantastich Sweater
  • Fantastitch Hat
  • Fantastitch Blanket
softcover book
Each copy includes a digital download code.
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2479 Belladonna
Zauber Flower
Op 1 schijf van 150 gram zit 600 meter garen Elke schijf bevat 1 compleet kleurverloop Aanbevolen naalddikte 2,00 tot 3,00 mm Stekenverhouding: 10 cm = 30 steken Single ply, 100% merinowol uit Patagonië  
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Simple Crochet – Erika Knight
Simple Crocheting is the perfect book for the beginner. Under Erika Knight's guidance even those who have never picked up a crochet hook before will soon be making gorgeous projects and all the while learning new techniques and adding to their skills. Each of the 20 projects in the book will teach you a new stitch, technique, or trick. And with each pattern you complete, you will build on and consolidate crochet techniques already learned in the preceding projects, until you have mastered a wide repertoire of skills and completed and enviable collection of crocheted items.
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Metalen schaartjes
Metaalkleurige romantische schaartjes
Mooie, romantische metalen schaartjes. Op de foto, van links naar rechts:
  1. Zilverkleurig
  2. Koperkleurig met bloemen
  3. Koperkleurig
  4. Antiek zilver
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Colour moves
Colour Moves – Claudia Fiocchetti (Edited by Kate Davies)
In the first book to be published under KDDs new Make // Mark imprint, British-Italian designer, Claudia Fiocchetti presents a collection of bold and appealing accessory designs. From the 17 patterns included here, you might choose to knit a pair of elegant gloves; a long circular snood; a tam with a kaleidoscopic crown; or one of 5 different matching sets for head and hands. Drawing inspiration from everything from Italian architectural façades to the snowcapped mountains of Abruzzo; from antique mosaics and carpets to the found motifs of the natural world; each pattern reveals Claudia’s particularly attentive, creative and emotive approach to design. Knitted in KDDs Milarrochy Tweed and Àrd-Thìr yarns, and edited and with a foreword by Kate Davies, in this collection, Claudia Fiocchetti has truly made colour move. Your unique download code, enabling you to access your complimentary digital version, is printed on the inside cover of each book. (Bron: Ravelry) Bekijk de patronen hier op Ravelry
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Warm Hands Sloan Davies
Warm Hands – Jeanette Sloan & Kate Davies
"When Jeanette Sloan and Kate Davies got together to develop a new design collection the results were sure to be colourful and creative. From their line-up of 15 original patterns, you might choose to knit mismatched mitts in bold two-tone intarsia or a dramatic pair of elbow-length cabled gauntlets. From warm mittens to delicate wristlets, from fingerless to full gloves, Jeanette and Kate’s design selection includes a wide variety of shades and styles, while among the book’s many different takes on texture, lace and colourwork, you’ll be sure to find your favourite kind of knitting, or interesting new techniques to explore. Featuring patterns from globally-renowned knitting names alongside the work of talented new faces, this innovative collection brings the work of designers around the world together with fresh ideas, ready needles—and warm hands." Bron: Ravelry Klik hier om alle patronen in dit boek te bekijken
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Knitting season - Kate Davies
Knitting Season – Kate Davies
Knitting Season is any time of year in which we are able to sit down and enjoy the craft we love, setting time aside to relax, explore, experiment and create. Kate’s new collection is the result of one such season of extended creativity. From oversized pullovers to classic cardigans, from a stunning colourwork blanket to a beautiful (and very wearable) yoked dress, the 14 patterns in this collection address a wide range of new design ideas and explicitly encourage knitters to extend the creative process while they work. One group of patterns enable you to challenge your colour tastes and preferences, while other designs suggest different approaches to interpreting and knitting similar stitch patterns and motifs. Making the most of the subtle, varied palettes of Kate’s Milarrochy Tweed and Àrd-Thìr yarns, and featuring eight garments, four accessories, and two items for the home, this exciting collection offers much for you to enjoy during your own exploratory and creative Knitting Season. Hier vind je een overzicht van de patronen in dit boek
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Bold Beginner Knits - Kate Davies
Bold Beginner Knits – Kate Davies
Can you:
  • Cast on / bind off
  • Knit / purl
  • Increase / decrease
  • Knit back and forth / knit in the round
With these basic skills under your knitterly belt, you’ll be able to make each one of the six bold pieces in this collection:
  • A colourful modular blanket
  • A top-down cardigan
  • A bottom-up yoke pullover
  • A garment knitted from side-to-side
  • A lace-patterned triangular shawl
  • A simple beanie (which demonstrates the usefulness of circular swatching)
Kate Davies was inspired to create Bold Beginner Knits for friend and bold beginner knitter, Jane Hunter. Each pattern was specifically created by Kate to introduce Jane to useful new techniques and different construction methods by knitting interesting designs that in no sense resemble beginner pieces. Unfamiliar techniques are introduced with links to relevant video tutorials, and from the straightforward pattern-writing style to the visual page layout, every element of Bold Beginner Knits is designed to be clear and easy to follow. Whatever kind of knitter you are, you’ll love making and wearing these six appealing designs. Hier vind je een overzicht van de patronen in dit boek
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Sock Blockers
Sock Blockers
Gemaakt van doorzichtig blauw Acryl, bestand tegen vocht.
 16,75 20,95 incl. BTW Opties selecteren
Canvas Tool Pouch
Canvas Tool Pouch

Wolgoed gaat stoppen met het verkopen van items van Twig & Horn. Voor alle items geldt: verkrijgbaar zolang de voorraad strekt!

Hearty 10 oz canvas tool pouch, perfect for storing everything you need for your next project. And can easily be tucked away inside a larger tote. 9" W x 7" T x 2" deep (ca. 22,5 x 17,5 x 5 cm) Cotton Duck Canvas made in the USA Cut and sewn in Maine Deze etui's zijn leeg, afgebeelde naalden en overige accessoires maken geen deel uit van het product!
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Making Stories Magazine Issue 1
Making Stories Magazine – Issue 1: Change
"ABOUT ISSUE 1 With Making Stories Magazine, we strive to feature companies and makers who focus on sustainability, transparency, fairness and equity in their work. We love telling their stories and hope to inspire and enable crafters to make conscious and informed decisions about the materials they use and companies they support. In Issue 1, you’ll find thoughtful accessories and versatile garments that are designed with change in mind - change in seasons, in the way we work and live, in our choice of materials. We’re proud to be able to share the fantastic work of writers and visual artists with you with pieces that range from disability and knitting to body image, from queering the knitting status quo to what change means for our lives."

Designers & Contributors

  • Adrienne Larsen
  • Armenuhi Khachatryan
  • Ash Alberg
  • Camille Rosselle
  • Cheryl Eaton
  • Felicity Ford
  • Jennifer Barrett
  • Joanna Ignatius
  • Lauren Wallis
  • Linolimon
  • Lorna Hamilton-Brown
  • Maddie Harvey
  • Nataliya Sinelshchikova
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Addi Crasy Trio
Addi CraSy Trio
De perfecte naalden voor het rondbreien van kleine omtrekken. Vingers van handschoenen, sokken, wanten of mouwen: het kan allemaal. In elke set vind je 3 naalden en een Duits- en Engelstalige uitleg met links naar filmpjes voor hulp bij het breien van sokken met de Addi Crasy Trio naalden. Lengte naalden: 21 cm
 15,75 16,75 incl. BTW Opties selecteren