PomPom Quarterly Issue 32 - Spring
PomPom Quarterly Issue 32 – Spring
"Welcome sweet spring breezes with our first theme of the new decade: air. This precious and fragile element unites us and our designers translated this ethereal concept into tangible knits and crochet. Each pattern captures the spaces between the stitches, with gauzy mohairs, modern lace, and airy open textures!"
Het voorjaarsnummer van PomPom Quarterly bevat 11 prachtige patronen, waaronder 'Aubade' van Nataliya Sinelshchikova. Klik hier om alle patronen op Ravelry te bekijken  
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Pacific Knits - Tin Can Knits
Pacific Knits – Tin Can Knits
Join us on our exploration of the forests, beaches, mountains and coffee shops of the Pacific Northwest! Alexa and Emily are even more inspired than usual in this collection, but we possibly neglected to include the usual ‘vanilla’ patterns. Instead, we’ve packed Pacific Knits full to brimming with cables, colourwork, texture and lace, in earthy and vibrant colours. We adore these projects, and we’re sure you will too!
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Milarrochy Heids - Kate Davies
Milarrochy Heids – Kate Davies
One beautiful tweedy yarn, thirteen talented designers, fifteen fabulous heids Kate Davies loves hat-knitting, and when she developed Milarrochy Tweed – a yarn named after one of her favourite Loch Lomond locations – she knew it was time to create a book of hat designs. Milarrochy Tweed’s complex, tonal shades make it ideal for colourwork of all kinds, so Kate invited twelve friends to join her in the challenge of creating a range of hats of rich variety and hue. Heid is the Scots word for head, and inside these pages you’ll find fifteen fabulous heids to choose from. From Ute Vos’s simple stripes to Virginia Sattler-Reimer’s complex kaleidoscopic crown; from Felicity Ford’s exuberant Featherheid to Emily Williams’ stunning double-knitted Tarradale, the heids in these pages are as varied as their creators. Established designers such as Ella Gordon and Dianna Walla meet emerging talent like Justyna Haberkowa and Sarah Mackay, drawing creative inspiration from landscape and location, flora and fauna, childhood memory and medieval architecture. With an introduction by Kate, and stunning photography around Loch Lomond by Tom Barr, this book is sure to bring you a warm and happy heid. Hier vind je een overzicht van de patronen in dit boek
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Bold Beginner Knits - Kate Davies
Bold Beginner Knits – Kate Davies
Can you:
  • Cast on / bind off
  • Knit / purl
  • Increase / decrease
  • Knit back and forth / knit in the round
With these basic skills under your knitterly belt, you’ll be able to make each one of the six bold pieces in this collection:
  • A colourful modular blanket
  • A top-down cardigan
  • A bottom-up yoke pullover
  • A garment knitted from side-to-side
  • A lace-patterned triangular shawl
  • A simple beanie (which demonstrates the usefulness of circular swatching)
Kate Davies was inspired to create Bold Beginner Knits for friend and bold beginner knitter, Jane Hunter. Each pattern was specifically created by Kate to introduce Jane to useful new techniques and different construction methods by knitting interesting designs that in no sense resemble beginner pieces. Unfamiliar techniques are introduced with links to relevant video tutorials, and from the straightforward pattern-writing style to the visual page layout, every element of Bold Beginner Knits is designed to be clear and easy to follow. Whatever kind of knitter you are, you’ll love making and wearing these six appealing designs. Hier vind je een overzicht van de patronen in dit boek
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Shore - Kate Davies
Shore – Kate Davies
Five light knits for layering in Milarrochy Tweed Inspired by her local lochside and coastal landscape, in Shore Kate has created a capsule collection of light layers for you to enjoy working on and wearing. All of the knits in the collection are straightforward, wearable and absorbing: there’s a little colourwork, a little lace, and lots of soothing stockinette and garter stitch. Shore’s patterns include a pullover (Balmaha), a shrug-style cardigan (St Catherines), a tee (Pabaigh), a kerchief (Polkagris) and a shawl (Traigh). Wherever in the world you are, whether you sit by lake or river or ocean, you’ll enjoy knitting something from Shore. Happy knitting! Hier vind je een overzicht van de patronen in dit boek
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Garments - Chester Wool Co
Garments – Chester Wool Co

Five beautiful garments in our undyed lace weight, 4ply and DK yarns. The book features easy to wear sweaters and cardigans and includes designs by Belinda Boaden, Jeni Hewlett, Kyoko Nakayoshi, Lein Ngo and Charlotte Walford.

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Lace Two - Chester Wool Co
Lace Two – Chester Wool Co

Seven designs for lace shawls wraps and cowls in a selection of our beautiful undyed lace weight and 4ply yarns.

‘Lace Two’ includes designs for shawls, wraps and cowls by Anniken Allis, Melanie Edgar, Judy Furlong, Lynne Tuck and Charlotte Walford. The designs range from simple one skein projects in 4ply such as Bwbach, to Aldara, a beautiful heirloom shawl knitted in lace weight yarn, perfect for Christenings.

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Everyday Wearables - Joanne Scrace
Everyday wearables – The Crochet Project
Maybe it’s the somewhat shy exhibitionist in me, but I have always loved making things to wear. The thrill of being able to say “Thanks, I made it.” never gets old. When times have been tight or shopping has been an unpleasant process (for various reasons) I’ve been glad of my ability to combine my favourite leisure activities with the ability to produce interesting and elegant clothing for myself whether by sewing, knitting or crocheting. Whatever your motivation for wanting to create a handmade wardrobe, crochet can readily be used to build a wardrobe full of wearable staples. Often crochet has been viewed as “best for homewares and novelties” and struggled to lose the reputation created in the 1970s of ill-fitting granny square jackets. With an in-depth understanding of how crochet fabric is created, the need for drape and taking fit and construction lessons from both knitwear and dressmaking, I have created pieces that fit well and look great. We understand that making a wardrobe may also challenge your skills. We have included a series of photo tutorials in the book that take the adventurous beginner a step on and cover the skills needed to create beautiful pieces to cherish. Een overzicht van de patronen op Ravelry vind je hier
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Easy Everyday Wearables - Joanne Scrace
Easy everyday wearables – The Crochet Project
Easy Everyday Wearables is all about fuss-free crochet designs that are stylish, timeless and very wearable but only use basic crochet skills. We’ve used chunkier yarns for quicker makes but not sacrificied our usual attention to detail and fit. All patterns have inclusive adult sizing with three options for accessories and XS to 5X for garments. The book contains lots of information about choosing the correct size, understanding the pattern and working to the correct tension. All of the patterns are made using a pared back skill set, there are no tricky stitches or techniques needed. We know that there may still be some extra skills needed so we have included some relevant photo tutorials too. Maybe you’ve learnt to crochet and you’ve just started to look for patterns you want to make. These patterns are all suitable starting points to begin making a wardrobe of beautiful custom fitting woolies – this book is for you! Or maybe you’ve been crocheting for ages but want something to make that isn’t too taxing but will still look amazing – this book is also for you! The book contains
  • Harkstead Hat: a beret or a beanie worked in the round from the top down and then turned inside out for an interesting texture.
  • Freston Vest: a beautiful but simple lace vest using shell stitches and simple shaping, made in pieces and seamed.
  • Pin Mill Mitts: super stretchy, slouchy fingerless mitts to keep the chills off, worked in the round in a spiral for fast finishing.
  • Erwarton Cardigan: a shawl collared comfy cardigan that is worked from side to side to create elegant details without tricky techniques
  • Tattingstone Sweater: a simple circular yoke cardigan that lets you play with colour and style.
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Pick and Mix - Joanne Scrace
Pick and Mix – The Crochet Project
Pick and Mix: colourwork designs with endless variations Using this book, you can create your own completely unique design by pairing your choice of sweater, cardigan or hat with your choice of four colourwork patterns and your choice of four main stitch patterns. They all work beautifully together without the need for any extra maths. We’ve even included the maths and pattern writing assumptions so you can have a go at designing your own stitch patterns if you’d like to. Each stitch pattern is written and charted, and we have included lots of advice throughout the book to help you create the perfect item even if it is your first garment. Although the colourwork looks complicated, each pattern uses only one colour at a time (no stranding) and we’ve added some tips on how to avoid getting into a tangle. There’s also the chance to make a patch pocket or a hat to get practice with the colourwork pattern before you dive in. We want this book to be for everybody and every body. The patterns are suitable for age 2 upwards, are all unisex and offer inclusive sizing and fitting options. We’ve used a common weight of yarn that is widely available at all price points, so whether you live for indie hand dyed or want to pick up your yarn at the discount supermarket, this book will work well for you. Een overzicht van de patronen op Ravelry vind je hier
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The Accessories Project - Book One - The Crochet Project
The Accessories Project – The Crochet Project
A collection of four accessory sets by Joanne Scrace and Kat Goldin of The Crochet Project What’s better than a nice handmade hat? A handmade hat with matching bits to keep your hands and neck warm too! When you need to wrap up, you want to be properly wrapped up so we’ve created four accessories sets so you can choose whether you want to go out all put together in a matching set or a bit bohemian in a mix. Whatever your personal style, you are sure to love the designs individually or together. Each set is based around a simple pattern that is used in each piece of the set. We’ve included a wealth of interesting techniques and constructions (from sideways short rows, to cables to picot lace) in this book to create some really lovely pieces. We hope you’ll enjoy making them as much as wearing them. Een overzicht van de patronen op Ravelry vind je hier
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Three From The Top - The Crochet Project
Three from the top – The Crochet Project
At The Crochet Project, if you can’t wear it generally we don’t make it. And our favourite thing to wear is a cardigan. Whether it is a cosy cardigan to snuggle into or a light one to slip over your shoulders to keep the chills off, cardigans are the ultimate all season wear. Cardigans do variable weather and heating systems better than anything else. We have included an extensive size range to make this a go-to book for everything from baby gifts to enhancing your own wardrobe – there is a size to suit every woman and girl in your life. The advantage of this is that if you are nervous about the time and financial commitment of making for yourself, you can build up your confidence by making the designs in a smaller size first. Top down seamless design is our favourite way of working. You can try on as you go to ensure great fit. There are no seams to sew and very little finishing to do - minimum time from fastening off to wearing it. Crochet has plenty of natural structure in the stitches that seamless garments hang very well. This is a collection of cardigans we know you are going to love to make and love to wear. Each has a quiet simplicity to it and enough detail to keep it interesting. Een overzicht van de patronen op Ravelry vind je hier
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Great White North - Tin Can Knits
Great White North – Tin Can Knits
"Alexa and Emily are dreaming of a white Christmas as they bring you Great White North: a collection of adorable gift knits. This holiday collection includes plenty of hand-knitted goodies to fill your stockings. For the lovers, there is a pretty Christmas sweater, sumptuous shawl, and accessories for your tall dark and handsome man. For parents and grandparents experiencing winter anew through the eyes of little ones there are tiny red mittens to be lost in the snow, and adorable ornaments for the Christmas tree. So snuggle up next to the fire, make a mug of cocoa with too many marshmallows, and relax with this collection of classic wintery knits. With projects sized from baby to grandpa, Great White North has perfect holiday knits for you, your little darling, and everybody else on your list. Love and happiness ♥ Alexa and Emily" Hier vind je een overzicht van de patronen
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Knit How
Knit How – Meghan Fernandes & Lydia Gluck
"From the needles of your favourite quarterly comes the ultimate learn-to-knit book! The only guide a novice will need to start a journey through the world of yarn, Knit How is a friendly and easy-to-use introduction to knitting. The book includes ten knitting patterns for accessories and garments, along with illustrated techniques and essential top tips for the beginner knitter, all in Pom Pom’s signature style. Packed full of tutorials and advice, Knit How guides you through the wonderful world of knitting, from your first few shaky stitches through a host of projects, each increasing in complexity until you have truly mastered your craft! Want to pick and choose? The choice is yours! These patterns offer something for everyone. All you need to know is ready and waiting, pick up your needles and let’s cast on!" (bron: Ravelry) Ravelrypagina
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Knitting outside the Box - Drape & Fold
Knitting outside the box: Drape & Fold – Bristol Ivy
"From the needles of influential designer Bristol Ivy comes the follow-up collection to her 2017 title Knitting Outside Box. This complementary edition of six knitting patterns delves deeper into innovative ways of working with knitted fabric by exploring drape and fold. An elegant jumper, three versatile cardigans, and two cowls are reimagined with Bristol’s signature style, expanding the boundaries of how knitwear can be constructed and sit on the body. All accompanied by her encouraging and inspiring voice, giving knitters foundations to explore on their own. Knitting Outside the Box: Drape & Fold features 6 garment and accessory patterns" (bron: Ravelry) Ravelrypagina
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Cosy Knits - Carol Feller
Cosy Knits – Carol Feller
Leverbaar eind week 3 Cosy Knits is a book that you reach for when you want to snuggle down and cherish your knitting in quiet contemplation. This thought provoking book explores why we knit, our friendships and deeper meaning woven into our stitches. Designers included in this collection are:
  • Rachel Coopey
  • Eimear Earley
  • Carol Feller
  • Joan Forgione
  • Louisa Harding
  • Kate Heppell
  • Bristol Ivy
  • Jimenez Joseph
  • Louise Tilbrook
Bij het boek komt een code voor een digitale versie. Een overzicht van de patronen vind je hier
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Colorwork Shawls
Colorwork Shawls – Melanie Berg
  Melanie Berg over haar tweede boek Colorwork Shawls: "They say, writing books is an addiction. I think they’re right! After SHAWLS, my first book, it was crystal clear that there’ll be a second one, and I’m absolutely thrilled to hold Colorwork Shawls in my hands today. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do! ♥" Bron: ravelry Overzicht van de patronen in dit boek: Patronenoverzicht Let op: dit boek is tweetalig. Alle informatie staat er in het Engels en in het Duits in. Er is geen Nederlandse versie beschikbaar!
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Knits About Winter by Emily Foden Cover
Knits About Winter
Dit prachtige boek bevat o.a. 13 patronen, welke je hier op Ravelry kunt bekijken. Garensuggestie Barn - Emily Foden: Semilla Melange of Semilla  
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