Colour Moves – Claudia Fiocchetti (Edited by Kate Davies)

 21,95 incl. BTW

In the first book to be published under KDDs new Make // Mark imprint, British-Italian designer, Claudia Fiocchetti presents a collection of bold and appealing accessory designs. From the 17 patterns included here, you might choose to knit a pair of elegant gloves; a long circular snood; a tam with a kaleidoscopic crown; or one of 5 different matching sets for head and hands. Drawing inspiration from everything from Italian architectural façades to the snowcapped mountains of Abruzzo; from antique mosaics and carpets to the found motifs of the natural world; each pattern reveals Claudia’s particularly attentive, creative and emotive approach to design. Knitted in KDDs Milarrochy Tweed and Àrd-Thìr yarns, and edited and with a foreword by Kate Davies, in this collection, Claudia Fiocchetti has truly made colour move.

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