SARK - Kate Davies
SARK – Kate Davies
SARK Sark (n) a simple shirt or chemise Sark (v) to clothe, to provide with clothing Sark (n) the underlying structure of a roof or building Sark (v) to line or underpin In Scots, a sark is an essential layer, the foundation of any outfit. In her new collection, Kate Davies has created twelve foundational designs with structure and simplicity at their heart. Featuring a technique of twisting stitches that produces fabric with a beautifully textured and embossed appearance, each pattern explores the creative potential of the twisted stitch in pieces that are engaging to knit and easy to wear. There’s a comfortable oversized gansey, a smart cardigan with panels and puffed sleeves, a pair of yoke sweaters, a cosy wrap, and an appealing range of quick-to-knit one-skein accessories, all designed with the clear instructions and clean finishing details that are hallmarks of Kate’s work. The book also includes a collection of thought-provoking monochrome images, as Tom explores ideas of pattern and structure in the natural world and built environment. A celebration of collaborative, creative making, Sark is a book as beautiful as it is useful. Bron: Bekijk de patronen in dit boek hier
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Argyll's Secret Coast - Kate Davies
Argyll’s Secret Coast – Kate Davies
Join Kate, Tom and friends on a journey through a beautiful corner of Argyll Through words and pictures, knitting and writing, history and photography, this book explores the beautiful and intriguing landscape of Cowal, also known as Argyll’s Secret Coast. Geographically proximate to lowland Scotland but topographically distinct; separated from the Highlands by land, yet united to the whole of Argyll by water; Cowal’s is a landscape of hidden places, surprising tales, and many secrets. This book celebrates the Secret Coast, but while doing so it also asks a series of larger questions about what it means to make—and make-up—the story of a place. How do we read the traces of the past in the spaces of the present? What do we see when we look at Cowal’s marginal and coastal landscapes? Which local tales are best remembered, and which narratives really deserve commemoration? The book includes brand-new designs by Kate, beautiful photography by Tom, and a series of thought-provoking essays exploring the history, landscape and built heritage of the Secret Coast from writers Alex Hale, Michael Hartley, Jamie Stewart Jones, Gilbert Márkus and Stephen Mullen. Bron: Bekijk de patronen in dit boek hier
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Coco Knits Flight of Stitch Markers
Flight of Stitch Markers
For anyone who’s not sure which style of Cocoknits stitch marker to try first, here’s a handy sampling. Just like a wine or craft beer tasting 'flight', our Flight of Stitch Markers offers a wide variety of styles and sizes to experiment with! Each of the five types are in rainbow colors - ideal for the Cocoknits Method - and come in their own little Kraft paper tubes of 24 markers each for easy storage and transport. Perfect for gifting, beginner knitters, or anyone curious about branching out in their marker array.
  • Made of nylon coated steel - they cling to magnets
  • Split Ring markers - hook onto stitches
  • Triangle stitch markers accommodate up to US 9 / 5.5mm needle.
  • Small stitch markers accommodate up to US 7 / 4.5mm needle.
  • Original stitch markers accommodate up to US 13 / 9mm needle.
  • Jumbo stitch markers accommodate up to US 19 / 16mm needle.
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Laine 52 Wochen Socken Stricken
Duitstalige versie 52 Weeks of Socks – Laine Publishing
De Engelstalige versie van dit populaire boek is al maanden nergens meer te krijgen. Maar gelukkig hebben we een paar Duitstalige exemplaren op de kop kunnen tikken!
  • Taal: Duits
  • Print only, geen digitale code  inbegrepen
Dit boek bevat 52 patronen voor sokken, eentje voor elke week van het jaar. Met o.a. het patroon Dear Björn van ontwerpster Nataliya Sinelshchikova een echte must-have voor je boekenkast! Klik hier om alle patronen uit het boek te bekijken
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Texture - Erika Knight
Texture – Erika Knight
Hardcover boek Let op: dit boek is in het Engels 192 pagina's Een overzicht van de patronen in dit boek vind je hier  
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Painting Shawls
Painting Shawls – Stephen West
Nu beschikbaar voor directe verzending of afhalen in de winkel!
Painting Shawls bevat 13 patronen om te verven met garens! De patronen in dit boek zijn een mengeling van nieuwe en al bekende shawls. Voor alle patronen geldt dat er een hoofdkleur wordt gebruikt met daarnaast contrastkleuren, de 'pops' die je zo gek kunt maken als je zelf wilt. Het boek bevat prachtige foto's in diverse kleurencombianties van alle ontwerpen, zodat je aan de slag kunt om jouw favoriete kleuren uit et kiezen! Op 172 pagina's vind je 13 patronen voor shawl. Daarnaast gaat het boek uitgebreid in op garens vervangen, proeflapjes maken, blocken en het aanpassen van de afmetingen van de shawls. In elk boek vind je een digitale code die je toegang geeft tot PDF bestanden. Je vind de volgende patronen in dit boek (klik hier om alle patronen te zien op Ravelry) Hardcover book  
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KnitPro Yarn Dispenser
Yarn Dispenser
No more yarn tangles with our yarn dispenser! It keeps the yarn ball perfectly adjusted during knitting and provides uniform tension. The yarn ball is prevented from slipping or falling and creating a mess. Rubber pads, fitted at the base, provides good grip on the surface, and bearings help to smoothly pull the yarn.
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FairIsle Weekend - Mary Jane Mucklestone
Fair Isle Weekend – Mary Jane Mucklestone
Boek met 8 prachtige fair isle patronen:
  • 2 truien
  • 1 vest
  • 2 mutsen
  • 1 col
  • 1 paar vingerloze wanten
  • 1 paar polswarmers
Klik hier om de patronen te bekijken Engelstalig Hardcover Dit boek bevat geen code voor een digitale kopie, het boek is print-only.
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Simple Crochet – Erika Knight
Simple Crocheting is the perfect book for the beginner. Under Erika Knight's guidance even those who have never picked up a crochet hook before will soon be making gorgeous projects and all the while learning new techniques and adding to their skills. Each of the 20 projects in the book will teach you a new stitch, technique, or trick. And with each pattern you complete, you will build on and consolidate crochet techniques already learned in the preceding projects, until you have mastered a wide repertoire of skills and completed and enviable collection of crocheted items.
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52 weeks of shawls
52 Weeks of Shawls – Laine
Boek met 52 patronen voor omslagdoeken/sjaals.  Klik hier om alle patronen te zien Engelstalig Hardcover Dit boek bevat geen code voor een digitale kopie, het boek is print-only.
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KnitPro Fixed Circular Needle Case
Lege naaldenmapjes
Lege naaldenmapjes van KnitPro om je vaste en/of je verwisselbare rondbreinaalden in op te bergen. Zo neem je je naaldenset makkelijk overal mee naar toe! Let op: sommige mapjes sluit je met een rits, andere zijn om op te rollen
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Westknits Bestknits 3 Shawls Evolution
Westknits Bestknits 3: Shawl Evolution
Dit boek bevat 13 patronen Engelstalig 196 pagina's Softcover Een overzicht van de patronen in dit boek vind je hier
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Knitting Chart Keeper
KnitPro Patroonhouder
Patroonhouder met 1 lange en 3 kleine magneten. Formaat: 26x35 cm (klein) of 30x5 cm (groot) Verkrijgbaar in zwarte print, wit-zwarte print, blauw-witte Blossom print of Passion print met huiselijk tafereel & breiend persoon
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Inspired by Islay – Kate Davies
"Ìle ghorm an fheòir / green grassy Islay, is a beautiful and fascinating Hebridean island, and a place with a particularly special meaning for Kate Davies. In this stunning new collection with her own Buachaille yarn, Kate takes inspiration from Islay’s landscape to create twelve new designs. From modern haps to traditional kilt hose; from Fairisle hoodies to cabled cardigans; the designs are arranged in four “stories” each of which explores a different island locale. With their roots in Islay’s distinctive history and culture, Kate’s designs suggest the rich breadth and depth of inspiration the island affords, from the archaeological legacy of the Lords of the Isles to the poetry and song of the Islay bards. In addition to Kate’s patterns, this book brings together beautiful photography of Islay by Tom Barr with essays by four contributors who share their varied local expertise. Gordon Yates introduces Islay’s wildlife, Anna MacQuarrie explores the important legacy of Gaelic in the island landscape, Jane Hunter explores Islay’s geology through the intriguing medium of tweed and stitches, while Susan Campbell tells us more about the island’s handcrafts. Open the pages of this beautiful book, join Kate on a journey to the Hebrides, and you too will be Inspired by Islay." (bron: Ravelry) Ravelrypagina
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