Coco Knits Opening colored stitch marker
Opening Colored Stitch Markers
Per doosje zitten er 60 markeerders in: 6 kleuren, 10 van elke kleur. De markeerders kunnen gebruikt worden tot naalddikte 8,0 mm.
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KnitPro kabelnaald
Kabelnaaldje Center Scoop
Handige hulp bij het breien van kabels. Dikte 2,5mm, 1 stuk Gemaakt van metaal
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Metalen kabelnaald
Kabelnaaldje J-haak
Handige hulp bij het breien van kabels. Dikte 3,0 mm, 1 stuk Gemaakt van metaal
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Triangle stitch markers
Schattige metalen driehoekige stekenmarkeerders in een klein cadeaudoosje! Elk doosje bevat 3 verschillende maten markeerders, 6 in elke kleur (54 markeerders in totaal). Merk: Coco Knits  
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Resting knit face pin
Resting Knit Face – Enamel Pin
Resting Knit Face Pin! Superleuke accessoire voor tassen en etuis. Afmeting: 3 cm breed, 1,3 cm hoog  
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Shore - Kate Davies
Shore – Kate Davies
Five light knits for layering in Milarrochy Tweed Inspired by her local lochside and coastal landscape, in Shore Kate has created a capsule collection of light layers for you to enjoy working on and wearing. All of the knits in the collection are straightforward, wearable and absorbing: there’s a little colourwork, a little lace, and lots of soothing stockinette and garter stitch. Shore’s patterns include a pullover (Balmaha), a shrug-style cardigan (St Catherines), a tee (Pabaigh), a kerchief (Polkagris) and a shawl (Traigh). Wherever in the world you are, whether you sit by lake or river or ocean, you’ll enjoy knitting something from Shore. Happy knitting! Hier vind je een overzicht van de patronen in dit boek
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Handgeverfde Shetland Fingering – Handprint by Céline
Céline van Handprint by Céline heeft speciaal voor Wolgoed deze supertoffe strengen geverfd. De basis die zij gebruikt heeft is Bio Shetland van BC Garn, en hiermee zijn deze strengen dan ook perfect te combineren. Elke streng van 50 gram heeft een looplengte van 280 meter en is, door de wijze van verven, uniek. Bestel voldoende voor je project, later bijbestellen kan betekenen dat je een ander verfbad krijgt.
Naalddikte 2,00 tot 4,00 mm
Stekenproef 10 x 10  cm = 24 steken x 32 toeren
BC Garn Bio Shetland gesponnen van GOTS gecertificeerde wol. Niet geschikt voor de wasmachine, tenzij je wilt dat het werkstuk vervilt.
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Enamel Pins K2tog Club
K2TOG Club – Enamel Pins

Wolgoed gaat stoppen met het verkopen van items van Twig & Horn. Voor alle items geldt: verkrijgbaar zolang de voorraad strekt!

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Red Circular
Vaste rondbreinaalden van Chiaogoo: met gebogen punten bij kortere lengtes. Ideaal voor o.a. mouwen, mutsen en andere projecten met een kleinere diameter. Gemaakt van chirurgisch roestvaststalen naalden, met de bekende kinkvrije rode kabel. De naalddikte is ingelaserd in de naalden. *Enkele naalden hebben lagere prijzen dan andere maten. Dit betreft voorraad die tegen oude prijzen is ingekocht. Wanneer de voorraad van deze producten op is worden de prijzen aangepast.
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Ideaal om je brei- of haakwerk te fixeren tijdens het blocken. Eén doosje bevat 50 T-pins uit roestvrij staal.
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The Learn To Crochet Project
The Learn To Crochet Project
"There’s a wonderful moment in every class where someone who has been struggling just suddenly gets it. The light bulb goes on and their frustration turns to a beaming smile of joy. You know then that you’ve introduced someone to a hobby for life, one that will sooth their mind and keep their family and friends warm. That’s once you get past the frustrations of having to constantly think and count! This is the book for beginners that we always wanted to write. It’s the one we wish we could have learnt from. Between the two of us we’ve taught hundreds of people to crochet in classes up and down the UK (and abroad). The more you teach beginners the more you see the different areas that people struggle with and which simple tips can be shared to overcome them. We wanted this book to give you the same feeling of being in class, to give you the same level of information imparted in a friendly way, to distil all the teaching experience we’ve gained. It is spiral bound so it lays nice and flat while you work and makes it easy to flip back and forth between the various bits of information you might need. We want this book to give you the best start possible. As makers and designers we have always been more interested in things to wear than things for the home. And it is fair to say that we get very frustrated with some of the useless items that beginners get given to make (mug cosies we are looking at you!) That’s why in this book we have focussed on wearable items. There is something very wonderful about being able to make something to wear right from the beginning. There’s no better feeling than being able to respond to a comment about your clothing by saying “Thanks, I made it!” So let’s get you crocheting! We have written the book as though it is a course so it is best to start at the beginning and work your way through the text and the projects in order. It contains 4 projects over 80 pages: The Burwell Cowl is the first project in the book and is designed to help you practice your basic stitches. The Wicken Mitts are an introduction to working into row ends, following a pattern and making something to fit. The Bottisham Hat introduces you to working in the round, making a traditional motif, working seamlessly and decreasing. The Quy Shawl introduces you to reading charts, working lace patterns, picots, understanding special stitches, increasing in pattern. The book is written in UK standard crochet terminology and has a full discussion of the differences between the UK and US standards and makes references to the US terms throughout." (Bron: The Crochet Project) Patronenoverzicht vind je hier
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coco knits precious metal stitch markers
Precious metal stitch markers
Coco Knits Precious metal stitch markers:

"Precious Metal Stitch Markers are finished in gold, silver and copper colors The stitch markers are steel base and attach to the Maker's Keep or a Magnetic Concrete Tray so that you can easily store and retrieve them. Use them to mark rounds, increases, decreases, and stitch patterns. Included are 6 each of three sizes in each of three finishes, 54 markers total. They come in a kraft box secured with the click of a magnet.


  • 6 each gold, silver, copper large round stitch markers (accommodate US 15 / 10 mm needles or smaller) 
  • 6 each gold, silver, copper small round stitch markers (accommodate US 9 / 5.5 mm needles or smaller)
  • 6 each gold, silver, copper opening stitch markers (accommodate US 11 / 8 mm needles or smaller)"
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Verguld schaartje
Klein maar fijn: verguld handwerkschaartje van 6,5 cm lang. Past altijd ergens in!
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Coco Knits colored ring stitch markers
Colored ring stitch markers – small
Coco Knits Colored ring stitch markers: "These are the mini version of our popular ring stitch markers. They are brightly colored and easily seen when marking rounds, increases, decreases, and stitch patterns. Stitch markers accommodate up to 4.5mm needle. Made of nylon coated steel, these markers attach to your Knitter's Keep, Magnetic Concrete Tray or any magnet so that you can easily store and retrieve them. Included are 10 each of 6 colors."
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KnitPro garensnijder

Met deze garensnijder van KnitPro bij de hand heb je geen schaar meer nodig! Geen scherpe punten die door je projecttassen heen prikken en eenvoudig mee te nemen door z'n kleine formaat.

In vliegtuigen zijn (bijna alle) scharen verboden. Als alternatief kun je deze garensnijder mee nemen. Let op: in/naar Amerika mogen vaak ook garensnijders niet mee. Controleer van tevoren of je luchtvaartmaatschappij de snijders toelaat!

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