Tuck stitches
Tuck stitches – Nancy Marchant
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"Join the exciting world of tuck stitch knitting and create textures that personify sophistication.

Discover beautiful, reversible fabrics with more than 90 original stitch patterns and 8 exquisite scarf, cowl, and blanket patterns. Nancy Marchant, aka the Mother of Brioche, will walk you through this exciting new stitch design technique. You will come away with inspiration to fashion your own “Tuck Stitches”.

The masterful photography and signature styling by Alexandra Feo perfectly accentuates the fanciful designs. (Bron: https://ysolda.com/collections/by-nancy-marchant/products/tuck-stitches) Patronen in dit boek: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/sources/tuck-stitches/patterns
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Leafy Brioche
Leafy Brioche – Nancy Marchant
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"Leafy Brioche is Nancy’s third Brioche Knitting book with 8 new fresh knitting patterns. Stephen West describes this book as “Nancy Marchant, the Queen of Brioche, brings brioche stitch into uncharted territory with the elegant Leafy Brioche collection. She provides the knitter with beautiful charts and explanations so we can visually follow her clever patterns and innovative stitch motifs. Some of the leafy designs combine brioche stitch with other textures like linen and garter stitch. This playful interplay of color and texture is just a sampling of the infinite possibilities with brioche. The masterful photography and signature styling by Alexandra Feo perfectly accentuate the fanciful designs. As a self-confessed brioche addict, I can’t recommend this empowering technique enough. Nancy is a knitting pioneer and her new collection makes it an exciting time to be a knitter. Catch the brioche bug and knit some Leafy Brioche!” (Bron: http://www.briochestitch.com/leafy-brioche) Patronen in dit boek: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/sources/leafy-brioche/patterns
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Selbuvotter – Anne Bårdsgård
Prachtig naslagwerk boordevol patronen voor traditionele Noorse wanten. Let op: dit boek is in het Noors! Patronen in dit boek: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/sources/selbuvotter/patterns Inkijkje in het boek: http://www.museumsforlaget.no/index.php/bok-museumsforlage/boker-museumsforlaget/publication/selbuvotter/5?tmpl=component#page/16
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Laine 7
Laine issue 7
Verzending vanaf 15 februari 2019 Deze patronen vind je in deze editie van Laine: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/sources/laine-magazine-issue-7/patterns Ons favoriete ontwerp uit dit nummer? Dat moet de Calla shawl van Moonstruckmermaid zijn. Kijk ook eens naar de testknit van Wiezewoze in Semilla Melange!
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guys knit
Guys Knit – Sockmatician
Guys Knit  Yup. We do. It’s an ever-increasingly digital world: people stare at little screens all day, with nothing to show for it when the power goes off. More and more we are turning to traditional crafts to redress the balance, and for many, that means knitting. I want to challenge the commonly held ‘misperception’ that knitting is a feminine pursuit – GUYS KNIT is a beginner’s guide to knitting, and it is aimed specifically at men. So I set out to write a manual that a guy might notice in a shop, and think to himself: that’s a book that represents me, and who I am. I wanted to do that because I am a guy. I’ve always championed male knitters, and together, we can overthrow the ridiculous notion that guys don’t, or shouldn’t knit. We do. And we should. So if you are that guy in the shop, holding this manual in your hand, let me answer the question you’ve probably been asking yourself since you picked it up: Yes. Knitting is for you. And this is the manual to teach you. • From zero knowledge to hero knitter • Five specially designed patterns: three hats, one scarf, and a pair of socks • Step-by-step tutorials – tonnes of supporting info • Handy hints, tips, tricks and things to watch out for • 25 online videos supporting all the tutorials in the manual • Scan the QR code by each tutorial for direct access to the vids. Let op: dit boek is Engelstalig! (Bron: Ravelry https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/sources/guys-knit)
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Shawls - Melanie Berg
Shawls – Melanie Berg
"Finally, the first book by Melanie Berg! The internationally successful knitwear designer, who is known foremost by the name of Mairlynd, has compiled her most beautiful shawls in this superbly designed book. Her fans as well as knitters all over the world will find the instructions in this bilingual edition in both English and German. Three beautiful new shawls are published exclusively in “Shawls. Tücher stricken mit Stil – Knit in Style”." Bron: ravelry Overzicht van de patronen in dit boek: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/sources/shawls-knit-in-style-tucher-stricken-mit-stil Let op: dit boek is tweetalig. Alle informatie staat er in het Engels en in het Duits in. Er is geen Nederlandse versie beschikbaar!
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Chiaogoo Red Lace Circular
Red Lace Circular
Red Lace circulars: de populairste naalden van Chiaogoo! Gemaakt van chirurgisch roestvaststalen naalden, met de bekende kinkvrije rode kabel. De naalddikte is ingelaserd in de naalden. Met extra 'scherpe' punt.
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Chiaogoo circular
Red Circular – 23 cm
De korte vaste rondbreinaalden van Chiaogoo: 23 cm met korte punten. Ideaal om sokken mee te breien! Gemaakt van chirurgisch roestvaststalen naalden, met de bekende kinkvrije rode kabel. De naalddikte is ingelaserd in de naalden.
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Circular needle case
Slightly larger than our interchangeable case, this quality, book-style, cotton fabric case is completely enclosed with a zipper on three sides. Inside are 16 labeled pockets to hold your circulars. Notions can be stored in the zippered, outside pocket. Closed case dimensions are 23cm x 18 cm.
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Twist Short Combo – Chiaogoo
Deze TWIST Short Combo sets bevatten 1 maat naaldpunjes in 5 cm en 8 cm lengte (2 puntjes van beide lengtes), plus 2 mini red kabels, waarmee je een 23 cm en een 31 cm lange rondbreinaald kunt maken. De naaldpunten zijn gemaakt van chirurgisch roestvast staal. Zowel het naaldpuntje als de kabels hebben nu een gaatje, waarbij je de 2 meegeleverde sleuteltjes kan gebruiken. Zo heb je meer grip bij het vastdraaien!  
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Strange Brew - Tin Can Knits
Strange Brew – Tin Can Knits
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"Take a trip outside your knititng comfort zone! Join us on a journey through colourwork yoke sweaters and a family road trip around Iceland! At the centre of this collection is a ‘design-your-own’ yoke sweater recipe, which will guide you as you create your own colourwork masterpiece. The collection also contains 8 sweater designs and 4 accessories too! Pull out those needles dive into your stash, we’re convinced you’re going to be knitting yokes for days! These delicious and fun knits are sized for the whole family, from baby through both women’s 4XL and include men-specific sizing too." (bron: Ravelry) Klik hier om alle patronen in Ravelry te bekijken
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Wolparaplu/yarn swift – Glimåkra
Wolparaplu/yarn swift voor standaard maat stregen. Onmisbare hulp bij het opwinden van strengen tot bollen of cakes. Gemaakt Door Glimåkra, de Zweedse specialist in weef- en spinmaterieel.
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