Texture – Erika Knight

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Hardcover boek

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“20 timeless garments exploring knit, yarn and stitch

Landscapes have long provided a source of inspiration for artists and makers. From the sharp concrete edges of buildings and frosted hedgerows to seaweed strewn beaches and eroded cliffs, there is so much we can take from the environment around us.

Texture explores Erika Knight’s personal journey through the landscape of knitted fabrics as she examines the different habitats that have inspired her designs throughout her career. Broken down into city, country and coast, the core of this book is a compilation of simple knitting recipes that embrace the movement for ‘slow clothes’ and honour the process of craftsmanship.

With simple and stylish shapes, Erika dispenses her designer tips for creating a series of modern yet timeless garments. Including inspiring photography by India Hobson that showcases the beautiful designs, this book is the ultimate source for knitted texture and belongs on every knitter’s bookshelf.”

(Bron: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/sources/texture/patterns)