Colourful stitch markers Cocoknits

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Coco Knits Precious metal stitch markers:

“Precious Metal Stitch Markers are finished in gold, silver and copper colors The stitch markers are steel base and attach to the Maker’s Keep or a Magnetic Concrete Tray so that you can easily store and retrieve them. Use them to mark rounds, increases, decreases, and stitch patterns. Included are 6 each of three sizes in each of three finishes, 54 markers total. They come in a kraft box secured with the click of a magnet.


  • 6 each gold, silver, copper large round stitch markers (accommodate US 15 / 10 mm needles or smaller) 
  • 6 each gold, silver, copper small round stitch markers (accommodate US 9 / 5.5 mm needles or smaller)
  • 6 each gold, silver, copper opening stitch markers (accommodate US 11 / 8 mm needles or smaller)”

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